1. The dropdown menus in the custom search query builders do not include all possible options.  ·  released

  2. Item cloning does not manage connections efficiently  ·  released

  3. PayEEZY payments fail if the charge amount is less than $1  ·  released

  4. The ViewAllRequests table and the View Requests By Tag table will always use the same export query  ·  under review

  5. "not picked up" report  ·  closed

  6. Modify most requested journal web reports

  7. Database fields - bigger, better, more flexible  ·  planned

  8. ShowAutoRowFilter Null Reference Exception  ·  under review

  9. CourseUserLoad service may not report some data load errors.  ·  planned

  10. Course and user information comes from the load (overwrites Ares data)

  11. Test and improve integration of the Aeon button script in CONTENTdm version 7.x  ·  closed

  12. Allow staff to customize how ILLiad assigns copyright compliance (CCL/CCG)

  13. Option for a single Aeon profile for use with all institutions

  14. Instructors who visit OpenURL link but have no courses cannot submit the form  ·  released

  15. Allow API to update existing users  ·  under review

  16. Ability to search on a single day other than today or yesterday using custom search

  17. The loan period does not automatically adjust when the pickup location changes in web forms

  18. Users cannot populate the ShelfLocation field on web requests  ·  released

  19. Make "Total" field available in list (grid) views.

  20. Integrate ILLiad with Google Docs

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