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  1. Turnaround Time Web Reports Articles Detail Grid no longer shows transactions  ·  released

  2. Unable to report transaction numbers in Cybersource's merchant-defined data fields  ·  released

  3. Shared List Item tables doesn't display the BothTitles and BothTitlesIcon columns

  4. Determining transaction ownership in DataRepeaters in not efficient

  5. The CCCStatusUpdater requires student users to be in a couse when determining if student enrollment changed  ·  released

  6. When downloading an update, the Client may hang if it receives a 404 response when trying to download the update executable  ·  released

  7. Copyright data can't be saved for requests in the Awaiting Copyright Clearance - Pipeline queue

  8. Date fields export as UTC when exporting data from a grid in the Aeon client  ·  released

  9. Item cancellation emails and other emails sent from the item form do not include rightsholder data.  ·  released

  10. Bulk Item Editing validation out of memory error  ·  released

  11. XLS file extension has field constraints

  12. Item cloning does not manage connections efficiently  ·  released

  13. In the web, 'null' is a special string that can prevent some valid data from being inserted, specifically as a user last name.

  14. Web payments with Paypal may record double payments.  ·  released

  15. The count for Courses Without Instructors may vary in the Ares Client

  16. PayEEZY payments fail if the charge amount is less than $1  ·  released

  17. ShowAutoRowFilter Null Reference Exception  ·  under review

  18. Instructors who visit OpenURL link but have no courses cannot submit the form  ·  released

  19. DataRow_ElectronicDelivery.html does not display File Size and Transaction Number

  20. Users cannot populate the ShelfLocation field on web requests  ·  released

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