1. XLS file extension has field constraints  ·  released

  2. Notification for duplicate requests submitted  ·  under review

  3. Pull in/map additional data from remote auth login to Aeon user registration.

  4. Allow staff to decide if copyright information clones with request

  5. Proxy User Functionality

  6. DevEx Splitter Controls do not persist layout changes if pushed to full left or right  ·  released

  7. Update user account by pulling user data from org directories via Single Sign on

  8. Ability to copy all the data in a grid and paste it into Excel

  9. Default OpenURL journal genre to article form instead of loan form

  10. Improve SQL Server Reporting Services security with user-specific reporting accounts.  ·  declined

  11. When downloading an update, the Client may hang if it receives a 404 response when trying to download the update executable  ·  released

  12. Date fields export as UTC when exporting data from a grid in the Aeon client  ·  released

  13. Ares dashboards: allow them to show for a given timeframe (month/year) in addition to choosing a semester

  14. ILLiad print datasource using legacy headers

  15. Data entry space for "Bill to" information as well as "Send to" or "Ordered by" info.

  16. Item cancellation emails and other emails sent from the item form do not include rightsholder data.  ·  released

  17. External request submissions do not persist through new user registration  ·  released

  18. Improvement to Borrowing Turnaround Times Report

  19. Upgrade cross listings to allow Ares to combine cross-listed courses and sections

  20. Error occurs when using "Request For" control when not associated with any requests  ·  released

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