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  1. Ability to delete and correct pdf - same as tif images

  2. ILLiad does not pull all data from Docline when an ISBN for a book is provided

  3. Add an export option to the Submit Copyright Orders Screen

  4. Support copying lending request data from Docline web browser

  5. Create simple hierarchy in Rightsholder tables

  6. Add additional Result Mapping options for Z39.50

  7. Web DLL Item Search queries have ambiguous access counts  ·  released

  8. Integrate ILLiad with Google Docs

  9. Add more granular location data mapping to ArchivesSpace Fulfillment Plugin

  10. Pull in/map additional data from remote auth login to Aeon user registration.

  11. Default OpenURL journal genre to article form instead of loan form

  12. Ability to copy all the data in a grid and paste it into Excel

  13. Ares dashboards: allow them to show for a given timeframe (month/year) in addition to choosing a semester

  14. I would liek ot be able to truncate text in field for printing. Sometimes the title is long and pushes my book strap on to a second page.

  15. Allow Ares to store & display Preferred Name

  16. ArchivesSpace - Aeon Fulfillment Plugin - Import data from Rights Statement sub-record

  17. Client: Have fields that allow multiple selections from a controlled vocabulary

  18. Prompt instructors for Date Needed by when importing/cloning requests

  19. The dropdown menus in the custom search query builders do not include all possible options.  ·  released

  20. ILLiad SAML Module will not log signing response errors

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