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  1. Proxy User Functionality

  2. DevEx Splitter Controls do not persist layout changes if pushed to full left or right  ·  released

  3. ILLiad print datasource using legacy headers

  4. Ares dashboards: allow them to show for a given timeframe (month/year) in addition to choosing a semester

  5. Additional ItemInfo fields

  6. Improvement to Borrowing Turnaround Times Report

  7. External request submissions do not persist through new user registration  ·  released

  8. Upgrade cross listings to allow Ares to combine cross-listed courses and sections

  9. Add an export option to the Submit Copyright Orders Screen

  10. Error occurs when using "Request For" control when not associated with any requests  ·  released

  11. Add functionality to display a field (including custom fields) when RequestFor is populated with an activity.

  12. Add functionality to add conditional fields and text based on form inputs

  13. Course Info Fields Always Load as Yellow/Unsaved on the Course Form

  14. Allow InvoiceNumber to be visible in the Aeon client

  15. Removing a proxy removes the associated user from all proxy courses they may be associated with  ·  released

  16. Streamlined patron load/registration functionality and updating of records  ·  released

  17. I would liek ot be able to truncate text in field for printing. Sometimes the title is long and pushes my book strap on to a second page.

  18. Create database field for preferred name  ·  released

  19. Aeon Client becomes unusable if an appointment is created with an invalid username  ·  released

  20. BillingManagerPrintDataPath defaults to C:\illiad\print\ on Client install

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