1. Authentication - allow for multiple ldap sources and queries.

  2. Web DLL Item Search queries have ambiguous access counts  ·  released

  3. make the Ares web pages mobile responsive.

  4. Book Chapters - send Article Constant Data instead of Loan

  5. Ability to have separate Lending constant data for different formats

  6. AresTableFilter.js is throwing web page errors if the table has no data

  7. Populate new user registration with data from ILS after authentication

  8. Turnaround Time Web Reports Articles Detail Grid no longer shows transactions  ·  released

  9. Add support for at rest encryption of the import data used for Course and User loads  ·  released

  10. Shared List Item tables doesn't display the BothTitles and BothTitlesIcon columns

  11. ArchivesSpace - Aeon Fulfillment Plugin - Import data from Rights Statement sub-record

  12. The CCCStatusUpdater requires student users to be in a couse when determining if student enrollment changed  ·  released

  13. Add ActivityAttendance table to possible query options in Activity custom search

  14. recommender services via JSON

  15. Add ReadingRoomHistory table to possible table to query in User custom search  ·  released

  16. Improve normalization of journal titles for copyright searching and counting against rule of five

  17. Web payments with Paypal may record double payments.  ·  released

  18. XLS file extension has field constraints

  19. Create simple hierarchy in Rightsholder tables

  20. Client ignoring confirm exit dialog response when activity forms open  ·  released

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